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Reporting Fraud

Report Fraud Abuse

Monroe Housing Authority is committed to protecting the integrity of the housing program it administers. As such, MHA encourages the public to report any fraudulent activity related to MHA's Housing Programs.

Click here to go to our contact form, select "Other" and begin your message with "Report Fraud."

All information given will remain confidential.

What is Fraud?
Fraud involves false statements, omissions, or actions made with the intent to deceive or mislead, resulting in funds being misused or Housing Program rules violated or circumvented.

Here are a few examples of fraud:

  • Family has additional occupants living in the home without approval from the Housing Authority.
  • Family has undeclared income or assets.
  • Family uses false documents, such as false birth certificates or marriage licenses.
  • Violations of the Law committed by participants of MHA's Housing Programs
  • Family subleases all or part of the unit.
  • Family owns or has interest in the unit.
  • Unit is occupied by both the owner and family
  • Owner charges/collects additional payments from the family not agreed upon in the lease.
  • Owner knowingly accepts Housing Authority payments for a vacant unit.

If you have any reason to believe that fraudulent activity is taking place in connection with Monroe's Housing Programs, click here to go to our contact form, select "Other," and begin your message with "Report Fraud." All information given will remain confidential. If you prefer, you can mail your written allegations to: 

Monroe Housing Authority
Attn: Fraud/Compliance
504 Hough Street
Monroe, NC 28112