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The Maintenance Department provides 24-hour support.

To report a work order request, please call 704.289.2514 ext. 21

Residents can place work order requests through their Resident Portal or by submitting a Maintenance Request here.

After hours - Emergency on-call support: 1.888.505.6552


Emergencies arise when residents and/or HA staff are faced with a health or life-threatening situation, or there is a condition that might result in serious structural or system damage if not corrected immediately. Some emergency situation examples would include and qualify as after hours maintenance work:

  • Gas leaks, either inside or outside of the unit (smell or sound)

  • Broken/leaking water/sewer pipes, either inside or outside of the unit

  • Electrical shortages (if smoke is visible)

  • The refrigerator/freezer not cooling, and the office will not reopen within 24hrs.

  • Heating failures between October 15th - April 15th, and temperature is less than 50 degrees outside.

  • Lockouts for elderly/disabled only (Must have photo identification)

  • Clogged commode, if only one commode in the unit and the office will not reopen within 24hrs.

  • Broken-out window glass/doors (police report must be filed)

  • Fire- Call 911

  • Smoke Detector going off (Beeping/Low Battery is not an emergency)

  • Collapsing Wall/Ceiling

  • Severe storm damage

* Please Note: A $100.00 nuisance charge will be assessed for non-emergency calls responded to as an emergency.

Emergencies will fall into one of two categories; 1) those happening during the regular workday or 2) those that occur after hours or on weekends.

Emergencies during the regular workday – Emergencies occurring during regular business hours will be immediately referred to the Supervisor. A work order with an emergency classification will be generated. In the event that maintenance cannot abate the emergency, a contractor’s service may be solicited. The emergency will be corrected or abated in 24 hours or less.

Emergencies after hours – The maintenance staff on-call will correct emergencies that occur after hours. In the event the problem cannot be abated in-house, the Maintenance Supervisor will call an outside contractor to ensure corrective action in 24 hours or less. The emergency will be corrected or abated in 24 hours or less.