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MHA Housing Tribune - December 2019

December 2019

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Special Message

Special Message artwork

All of us join in wishing you a Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year

- Monroe Housing Authority

Dates to Remember

Rent due 1-5

Last day for rent 20

Court papers filed 21


January 15 - February 19 Section 8 waiting list open for non-elderly disabled Residents - Read More>

Door Decorating Contest - Congrats Winners!

We would like to thank ALL of the residents that participated in the Door Decorating Contest. Here are the winners!

Patricia Gray

Grace Gardens - Ms. Patricia Gray

Hazel Bennett

Serenity Place - Mr. Hazel Bennett  

Tameka Austin

Willow Oaks - Ms. Tameka Austin

Bobbie Bailey

West Ridge - Ms. Bobbie Bailey

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Our residents received a holiday meeting full of games, snacks, and prizes... with a special guest appearance.

Santa and Staff 1 Santa and Staff 2 Santa and Staff 3

Staff & Santa

Santa at Grace Gardens and West Ridge 1 Santa at Grace Gardens and West Ridge 2
Santa at Grace Gardens and West Ridge 3 Santa at Grace Gardens and West Ridge 4

Grace Garden and West Ridge

Santa at Serenity Place 1 Santa at Serenity Place 2
Santa at Serenity Place 3  

Serenity Place

Winter Safety Tips for Kids

Winter Safety - Two Snowmen

1. Be vigilant: Check on your kids frequently when they are playing outdoors and if you notice them getting wet or they look visibly cold, bring them indoors.
2. Teach toddlers the difference between warm and cold temperatures. Reinforce this during bath time with the water, or when playing indoors as opposed to outdoors.
3. Dress children in layers: A rule of thumb is that children should be wearing one more layer than adults, and always keep their heads, hands and feet covered & protected.
4. Keep children hydrated: Offer water, warm cocoa or soups frequently.
5. Wear sunscreen: Yes! Sun is reflected off the snow and kids can get sunburned even when playing outdoors in the winter.
6. Add waterproof layers: Try to make sure that outer layers of clothing offer some waterproof protection because children whose clothing gets wet will become colder faster.
7. For children with disabilities: Remember that children with physical or cognitive limitations may become colder faster because they are not moving around or because they simply cannot articulate that they are cold and need to go inside.
8. Pack an emergency bag for your car: Keep extra blankets, dry clothing, hats and mittens (and snacks) in your car in case there is a rapid change in the weather during a road trip, or the kids get wet on an outing or you get stranded on a snowy road.

2020 PHADA Scholarship Program

Hat and Diploma

Applications Due January 9, 2020

Application packet includes the Application, Verification Page (must be completed by school counselor), School Transcript, Two (2) Letters of Recommendation, (one from a teacher or guidance counselor, and one personal), and a 350-500 word Essay on how my public housing and high school experiences have influenced my life. All documents must be typewritten and in English. Applications may be downloaded from the link below, or picked up at our Management Office.

To download the application please visit

Monroe Housing Authority and YWCA Partner On Youth Golfing Field Trip

Thanks for letting us use the MHA bus for our Golfing field trip. - Y.W.C.A.

YWCA Event Kids YWCA Event Kids
YWCA Event Kids YWCA Event Kids

MHA Phone Directory

MHA Main Number: 704-289-2514

Work Orders   Ext. 21

Public Housing  Ext. 31

HCV Program  Ext. 32

Emergency Maintenance: 704-989-5085