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MHA Tribune May 2019

Monroe Housing Authority
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Housing Tribune
A Monthly Publication of Monroe Housing Authority, NC.
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First Time Homebuyers Seminar

Monroe Housing Authority partnered with Self Help Credit Union-Charlotte and Monroe-Union County CDC in presenting a First Time Homebuyers Seminar at our Grace Gardens Community Center. Residents received valuable information, guidance and literature that will help them prepare for a real estate purchase.

Save the Date - June 13, 2019

Monroe Housing Authority Strong Families Community Day, J. Ray Shute Center

MHA Parking Enforcement

MHA enforces a strict parking policy. All residents with vehicles parked on MHA property must have a parking permit displayed at all times. All cars should pull into a parking space and all vehicles in violation of the Monroe Housing Authority parking policy are subject to being towed.

When you have guests, please remember residents have first priority to parking spaces.

Change is in the Air!

Effective March 1, 2018, MHA is smoke and tobacco free. To get HELP to QUIT, CALL: 1-800-784-8669, VISIT: or EMAIL: Community Wellness.

Spring Allergy Tips!

  • Use Saline Solution: Irrigating the nose with saline solution (salt water) may help soothe upper respiratory allergies by removing irritants that become lodged in the nose and cause inflammation.
  • Shower: If you wake up in the middle of the night with a coughing, sneezing allergy attack, a hot shower may wash off any pollen residues you've collected on your body throughout the day.
  • Drink Peppermint Tea: Allergy sufferers throughout the centuries have turned to hot tea to provide relief for clogged-up noses, and one of the best for symptom relief is peppermint tea. The essential oil in peppermint acts as a decongestant, and substances in peppermint contain anti-inflammatory and mild antibacterial constituents.
  • Avoid the Culprit: One of the best ways to reduce the discomfort of an allergy is to avoid exposure to the allergen as much as possible.

Emergency Maintenance Guidelines

The following issues qualify as after-hour maintenance work:

  • Gas leaks, either inside or outside of the unit (smell or sound)
  • Broken water/sewer pipes, either inside or outside of the unit
  • Leaking water heaters
  • Electrical shortages (if smoke is visible)
  • Refrigerator/freezer not keeping food cold and MHA will not reopen within 24hrs
  • Heating failures between October 15th - April 15th and temp. is less than 50 degrees outside
  • Lock outs for elderly/disabled only (Must have photo identification)
  • Clogged commode, if only one commode in the unit and MHA will not reopen within 24hrs
  • Broken-out window glass/doors (police report must be filed)
  • Fire/Smoke Detector going off (Beeping/Low Battery is not an emergency)
  • Collapsing Wall/Ceiling
  • Severe storm damage

**Please Note**
A $100.00 nuisance charge will be assessed for non-emergency calls responded to as an emergency.

Community Meetings

Grace Gardens Location: 750 Maurice St. Community Room Time: Thursday, May 9th, 2019 at 2pm

Willow Oaks Location: Willow Oaks Community Room Time: Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 at 5pm ' On site Office Hours: 1-4pm

West Ridge Location: 1201 A Boyte Street Community Room Time: Thursday, May 16th, 2019 at 2pm' On site Office Hours: 1-4pm

Serenity Place Location: 624 N. Bragg Street Community Room Time: Monday, May 13th, 2019 at 2pm' On site Office Hours: 1-4pm

MAY 2019 - Dates to Remember

  • May 1st-5th
    Rent Due
    (No Partial Payments Accepted)
  • May 6th
    Late Charges Applied
  • May 12th
    Mother's Day
  • May 19th
    Last Day to Pay Rent
  • May 20th
    Court Papers Filed
  • May 27th
    Memorial Day (Offices Closed)

MHA Phone Directory

  • MHA Main Number: 704.289.2514
    • Work Orders: ext. 21
    • Public Housing: ext. 31
    • HCV Program: ext. 30
  • Emergency Maintenance: 704.989.5085

MHA Board of Commissioners

  • Fannie Young, Chairperson
  • Hilda Jones, Vice-Chairperson
  • James Mungo
  • Justin Woazeah
  • Vacant

MHA Staff

  • Anna McRae, Executive Director
  • Donyelle Coalson, Accounting Technician
  • Catherine Hart, Administrative Assistant
  • Carolyn Canady, HCV Program Manager
  • Angel Williams, Property Manager
  • Sharon Perkins, HCV Inspector
  • Charles Williams, Maint. Supervisor
  • Bruce Saims, HVAC Maint. Technician
  • Tyrone Drawdy, Maint. Technician
  • Ricardo McClain, Maint. Technician